Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Wrap-Up

And the results for January's theme of "Routines" are in...

Success! Here's a quick summary of each of the habits I concentrated on throughout the month.

This one was a quick and easy victory, and I'm thrilled with the little Star Wars bag that resulted. Starting small was the way to go; I'm looking forward to finishing more of my unfinished work!

A simple thing, but it's been nice not having to deal with this one in the morning. There were a couple of nights it required me to stay up just a pinch longer than I usually do, waiting for the cycle to finish, but I wasn't about to give up my streak!

One strategy that's helped me out with this one is packing hubby's lunch while I'm making dinner, rather than waiting until after dinner. Whereas I typically have leftovers for lunch, he's in the middle of a pretty solid sandwich and apple routine - no reason I can't put that together whilst waiting for dinner to finish.

The biggest advantage of remembering to do this all night is not having to try to find matching socks using the light from my cell phone - not even the flashlight app, because that would be too bright and possibly wake up sleeping lions!

I've been enjoying this - remembering and reflecting on what happened is a nice way to end the day. Keeping the journal in my night table has been tremendously helpful.

This went really, really well! I did of course have to make some changes as I went along, but it made the weekly shopping much smoother. I've already created February's plan, and am trying a little something different with it this month - for a future post.

This one has probably been the hardest, simply because my morning routine varies a little bit from day to day. Biggest help? The reminder the app sends me a little before bedtime - that way if somehow this had slipped, I know to forego "Harry Potter" for the evening and substitute this for my pre-sleep reading. I'm now halfway through the Bible!

And seriously, what is wrong with these Israelites???

Next up: my theme for February!

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